It has taken a veritable village of volunteers to research, write, copyedit and fact check the biographical sketches of woman suffrage activists we are publishing in this Online Biographical Dictionary. The authors of the sketches are noted in bylines that accompany the sketches, but we also want to acknowledge the individuals who have served as state coordinators for this work and did the critical work of securing volunteers, and copyediting and fact checking the sketches. We could not have done this work without the commitment and hard work of all these individuals. Thanks.

Alabama   Melissa Brown
Arkansas   Amanda Maggio
California   Erika Rappaport
Colorado   Erin Elzi
Connecticut   Eve Bourbeau-Allard
Delaware   Anne Boylan
Florida   Jesse Klein
Georgia   Caitlin Reeves
Illinois   Lori Osborne
Kansas   Sarah Boyle
Kentucky   Melissa Goan
Louisiana   Ellen Jenkins
Maine   Mazie Hough
Maryland   Theresa Bisceglia
Michigan   Lisa Babcock
Mississippi   Nancy Simmons
Missouri   Tammie Busch
Montana   Anya Jabour
Nebraska   Gaylynn Welch
Nevada   Joanne Goodwin
New Hampshire   Beth Salerno
New Jersey   Lisa Hendrickson
New Mexico   Cathleen Cahill
New York   Chris Kretz (NAWSA), Susan Goodier (NWP)
North Carolina   Sarah Carrier, Emily Kader
North Dakota   Beth Twomey, Trista Raezer-Stursa
Ohio   Stephane Booth
Oklahoma   Tally Fugate
Oregon   Patricia Schechter
Pennsylvania   Christina Larocco
Rhode Island   Elisa Miller
South Carolina   Marjorie Spruill
South Dakota   Molly Rozum
Tennessee   Margaret Spratt
Texas   Rachel Gunter, Jessica Wranosky
Utah   Isabel Asensio
Vermont   Rachel Onuf
Virginia   Mari Julienne
West Virginia   Suronda Gonzalez
Wisconsin   Karla Strand
Wyoming   Robin Hill

Additional Volunteers:

Anne Pratt Slatin, genealogy


Michelle Ridout
Mike Fruitman
Nancy Comstock
Wendi Russell
Sara Jurek
Erin Harrington

Thomas Dublin, Editor
Denise Ireton, Managing Editor

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