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Biographical Sketch of Blanche H. Wines, 1890-?

By Thomas Dublin, Binghamton University

Blanche Haynie was born in Virginia about 1890. She graduated from high school and in 1911 she married James A. Wines in 1911 in Richmond. The 1920 census found the couple and 6-year-old Elizabeth living in Richmond. James was a porter in 1911 and a hotel waiter in 1920. When Blanche registered to vote in 1920, she was recorded as a nurse.

By 1930, Blanche was widowed, living in Richmond with her daughter and working as a maid. By 1935 mother and daughter had moved to Cleveland, where they continued to live in 1940. Blanche worked as a maid, while her daughter, a college graduate, worked as a substitute teacher. Elizabeth continued to reside in Cleveland in 1950 but her mother was no longer recorded in the city. She may have died in the 1940s, though no death record could be found.

Blanche Wines was listed as one of the first Black women registered to vote in Richmond before the November 1920 presidential election. There is no other surviving record of her suffrage activism, but it took considerable nerve for a Black woman to register to vote in the fall of 1920 given white opposition to Black voting.


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