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Biographical Sketch of Margaret "Maggie" Brown Judge, 1865-1929

By Thomas Dublin, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University

Maggie Brown was born in 1865 in Louisiana, with no surviving data about her parents. She married William Judge in Alameda County, California in October 1907. Censuses and Oakland city directory entries record her husband as a steward, seaman, and cook in the period 1908-1928. Margaret is listed as his wife in the 1910 and 1920 Oakland censuses and in 1926-1928 city directories. They apparently had no children according to decennial censuses. She died in Oakland in 1929 and the 1930 census recorded William Judge as a widower. The 1930 census and earlier city directories recorded him as owning the same house at 843 Fourth Ave, valued at $3,600. The couple were distinctly better off than their Black neighbors.

In a 1926 column in the Oakland Tribune, Delilah Beasley noted that Mrs. Maggie Judge was active in the 1911 referendum campaign that won California women the vote. In July 1925, Maggie Judge served as chaplain for the California Federation of Colored Women's Clubs.

The Federation's annual meeting that year included reports on state legislation and suffrage by two fellow Oakland suffragists, Hettie Tilghman and Lydia Flood Jackson.


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