Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Anna Morrell

By Felicia Forman, undergraduate student, Tulane University

Anna Morrell lived in Covington, Louisiana, and also may have moved to New Orleans, Louisiana around 1918 at the residence of 1204 St. Charles. Morrell graduated from State University of Missouri, where she earned degrees in science and art. She was a high school teacher and eventually studied law at Dart, Kernau and Dart. While at Dart, Kernau and Dart she taught stenography for the department of training classes, women's committee. She provided free classes to help place applicants in positions and was rewarded with gifts for her work.

Anna Morrell was very involved with writing. She was the editor for The St. Tammany Farmer. She won a prize for a poem when she sent it into the Duck Dutties newspaper. She also wrote a patriotic play that the Girls' Honor Guard produced.

As a suffragist, Anna was secretary of the Woman's Union Labor League in 1917. She was part of a branch of National Suffragists that picketed the White House in 1917. She attended a dinner dance given at the County Club in New Orleans, which discussed why Louisiana women were not yet enfranchised. There would have been a lot of prominent politicians there, which means she likely had connections with many important people of that time period in New Orleans.

Anna also signed the resolution that was adopted endorsing the suffrage amendment to the state constitution known as the Haas-Powell Bill of 1918.

Additionally to her other work, Anna Morrell was a chairman in charge of the reception for the Army and Navy Hospital Relief Fund dance.


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