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Biography of Olivia Corinne Munson Ewing, 1882-1964

By Anne Bordelon, undergraduate student, Tulane University

Olivia Corinne Munson was born at Glenwood Plantation outside of Napoleonville, Louisiana, to E. P. Munson and Nellie Jones. She married her cousin, Dr. Ephraim Ewing, in March 1914 in Philadelphia. Olivia had a daughter, also named Olivia (1915-2003), born in New York City. Dr. Ephraim Ewing died in Asheville, North Carolina on August 27, 1925. Olivia Munson Ewing died in Oakland, California on March 2, 1964. She was survived by two sisters, her daughter, and two grandchildren.

Olivia Munson Ewing was well known in New Orleans. She and her family were frequently featured in the society section of local newspapers from the 1900s-1920s. She visited New York City with a sister several times in her early life, and she lived there with her husband for a time after they were married. In 1912, she was elected secretary and treasurer of her family's business, E. P. Munson Incorporated. On November 1913, Olivia was elected treasurer of the state suffragist league gathered in New Orleans.

After her husband's death, Olivia returned to New Orleans, where she ran her own private school, "The Home School for Young Children," until 1936. Afterwards, she taught at the Isidore Newman school of Tulane until 1950. From then on, she spent her time between Lafayette, Louisiana; New Orleans; and California, where died in 1964.


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