Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Mrs. Agnes J. Robert, 1843-1926

By Ariana Cavoretto, University of California, San Diego

Agnes J. Robert was born on November 22, 1843 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to Sylvanus Thomas and Agnes J. Thomas. She married Dr. James A. Robert, a professor and principal of the Dayton Cooper seminary for girls, in 1866 and in the 1870's moved to Dayton, Ohio. Both Dr. and Mrs. Robert were very involved and interested in educational matters in their community.

Agnes Robert helped to organize the Woman's Literary Club in Dayton and became its second president in 1896. The club, which is still active today, provides opportunities for women to enjoy intellectual discourse and study, which was hard to find at the time of its establishment. The club helped to bring connections to other suffragists and authors. Many notable people would come to the club to give presentations. She was also the president of the Mozart Club in 1895 which is still active today and is known now as Dayton's Music Club.

Mrs. Robert was also the second president of the Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs after being appointed in 1894. 1894 is also the year that Ohio women secured the right to vote in board of education elections. However, she had to step down when her health began to decline. In 1901, at the Federation's 7th annual convention, Agnes delivered an address on "Permanent Factors in Club Work."

One historian describing the emergence of a women's suffrage movement in Dayton, included Mrs. Robert in a short list of "upper class women [who] served on the executive committees for [suffrage] organizations."

James Robert died in 1923, leaving Agnes a widow at age 79. Agnes Robert died on September 27, 1926, aged 82.


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