Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Augusta Jones, 1860-1925

By Thomas Dublin, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, Binghamton University

Augusta Deutsch was born in New York in about 1860, daughter of Julius and Henrietta Deutsch. She married English-born Joel Jones in 1891, a wholesale merchant according to the 1900 census of San Francisco. At that date they had one living child, Gerald, eight years old. Joel Jones died in 1903, leaving Augusta a widow at 43. In 1910 Augusta resided in San Francisco with her father, two unmarried sisters, and her son Gerald. In 1920, she continued to live in San Francisco with her sisters, Eva and Fannie Deutsch. She had no listed occupation in any of these censuses. We find no links to Augusta in the San Francisco censuses of 1930 and 1940.

Our first evidence of Augusta's suffrage activity comes in an October 1909 article in the San Francisco Call that lists Augusta and her sister Eva Deutsch as members of the San Francisco Equal Suffrage League. In 1911, the year of California's successful suffrage campaign, Augusta and others in the College Equal Suffrage League canvassed voters in the 39th assembly district in San Francisco. Her activism continued over the next nine years that lead to passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. In 1912 she was elected as an auditor of the California State Equal Suffrage Association. In November 1916 she sat on the stage during a mass meeting honoring activists of the National Woman's Party, who had just completed a campaign tour across the state. Newspaper accounts also note her continued support in June 1919 for ratification of the 19th Amendment by the California state legislature.

Her interest in suffrage continued after the formal adoption of the 19th Amendment and she served as Chairman of Registration for the San Francisco Center. In that capacity she wrote a letter, published in November 2, 1923, thanking the San Francisco Chronicle for its support of the "recent campaign for increased registration, especially among women voters." She wrote on behalf of her committee members, all six of whom were women.

Augusta passed away in San Francisco in 1925.


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