Biographical Sketch of Lillian Willard Snedicor (Beebe)

Biographical Database of Militant Woman Suffragists, 1913-1920

Biography of Lillian Willard Snedicor (Beebe), 1889-1969

By Jayne Crowther, University of Delaware

Lillian Willard Snedicor was born in New York, January 24, 1889 to Harry T. Snedicor and Lillian Largo Smith Snedicor. Between her birth and that of her brother in 1892 her family moved to Detroit. She married Roy Thomas Dennison on June 21, 1919. Her marriage ended with his death in 1924 and she remarried Henry Augustus Beebe on August 1, 1925. While the census listed her as only achieving an eighth grade education, she worked as a nurse in 1915, an executive secretary in 1916 and a social worker in 1940.

The papers of Lucia Voohees Grimes list Snedicor as a Detroit woman who worked for suffrage and credited her with joining the picket line outside the White House in April of 1917. Grimes also notes Snedicor's position as an executive secretary.

In the years following the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment Snedicor does not appear to be active in women's groups. She died in August, 1969 in Mount Clemens, Michigan. She was survived by her son, William Hulbert Dennison.


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