Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Mary E. Smith Hayward, 1842-1938


HAYWARD, Mrs. Mary E. Smith, business woman, born in Franklin, Pa., 9th July, 1849. Her maiden name was Mary E. Smith. When she was twelve years old, her father died. Her mother's determined efforts secured for her a good education. Imbued with the desire of being a useful member of the commonwealth, and endowed with natural abilities for a practical business life, she, after a season of teaching, entered into the oil and mercantile business till 1885, when she removed to Dawes county, Neb., then but sparsely settled, and took up some land claims. When the town of Chadron was located, she was one of the first to go into business there. She has been very successful. Tender toward all life, though her business includes a large millinery department, she never sells a bird or wing. On 29th December, 1887, she became the wife of W. F. Hayward. For years she has been one of the most prominent woman suffragists of Nebraska and has been identified with all humane work and reforms. She believes the church is responsible for the subservient condition of women. She is an agnostic and believes in "one world at a time." Mrs. Hayward is an embodiment of energy, push, perseverance and industry, and a fair example of woman's ability to succeed in practical life. She is a State member of the Nebraska Woman Suffrage Association.

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