Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Charlotte Johnson Baker, 1855-1937


BAKER, Mrs. Charlotte Johnson, physician, born in Newburyport, Mass., 30th March, 1855. Her maiden name was Charlotte Le Breton Johnson. She was graduated from the Newbury-port high school in 1872. spent a year in teaching, and entered Vassar College in 1873. She was gradnoted from that institution in 1877 with the degree of B.A. During the college year of 1877-78 she served as instructor in gymnastics in Vassar. In 1878 and 1879 she was assistant to Dr. Eliza M. Mosher, surgeon in the Woman's Reformatory Prison in Sherbourne, Mass. In the fall of 1879 she entered with advanced standing the medical department of the University of Michigan, from which institution she was graduated in 1881 with the degree of M.D. She returned to Newbury-port and in 1882 was married to Dr. Fred Baker and they went to Akron, O. Threatened failure of health caused her to go to New Mexico, where she lived in the mountains for five years. Early in 1888 she and her husband moved to San Diego, Cal., where both are engaged in successful practice as physicians. Their family consists of two children. In 1889 Dr. Charlotte received the degree of A.M. from Vassar College for special work in optics and ophthalmology done after graduation. Besides her professional work, Dr. Baker has always identified herself with the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and with all other movements for the advancement of women individually, socially and politically.

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