Biographical Sketch of Hattie (Mrs. Nathan) Lloyd

Biographical Database of Militant Woman Suffragists, 1913-1920

Biography of Hattie (Mrs. Nathan) Lloyd, 1885-?

By Jared Gibbs, student-researcher, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

Suffragist, businesswoman

Born in Minnesota in 1885 to Swedish-born parents, Hattie Lloyd subsequently became a resident of the town of Plevna, Montana, where she married Nathan R. Lloyd, a Wisconsin-born restaurateur, in 1905. The two had no children as of the 1910 census. The Lloyds became active members in Baker, Montana, due to their local restaurant, Baker Kandy Kitchen, and their community service within and around the town. Nathan Lloyd was a member of the first fire department, formed in 1909. Hattie Lloyd was a suffragist, who worked to secure voting rights for Montana women. The History of Woman Suffrage, vol. 6, recognized Hattie Lloyd as "especially active" in the campaign to secure voting rights for women within Montana, probably during the final campaign that led to the state's adoption of woman suffrage in 1914.

The Lloyds subsequently owned and operated some sort of food-based business called the "Baker Kandy Kitchen," which opened at some point around the year 1919 adjacent to some sort of bar or saloon. On at least one occasion, patrons of the saloon came to the Baker Kandy Kitchen seeking medical attention for fresh bullet wounds in what one local history called "one of the more 'rowdy days'" on the Montana frontier.

Both Hattie and Nathan Lloyd are difficult to trace beyond the 1910s. It is likely that by 1920, Hattie Lloyd had moved to Spokane, Washington, and it seems that Nathan Lloyd died in Ogden, Utah on April 5, 1931. Hattie Lloyd's death date is unknown.


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