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Biography of Alice B. Haymond, 1853-1943

By Chris Lisle, Chelsea Howard, Katlyn Massey, Hannah Kurtzhal, Undergraduate students, California University of Pennsylvania

Alice "Allie" B. Comerford Haymond was born June 20, 1853 in Allegany County, Maryland. She was the daughter of Rachel (Fleming) Comerford and Michael M. Comerford, an Irish immigrant. She had two siblings, Eugene and Cora. She married attorney Lindsay B. Haymond on November 7, 1872 in Fairmont, West Virginia, and had a daughter, Nellie. Alice lived in Marion, West Virginia in 1920, but she moved to Garret, Maryland by 1930. According to her obituary, Alice Haymond was the first registered woman pharmacist in the state of West Virginia. She was an active member of Fairmont Methodist Protestant Templeh. Additionally, Alice belonged to the Vigilant Circle of Kings Daughters where she devoted time to charity and other community deeds. Fairmont Methodist Protestant Temple

Alice was the President of West Virginia Equal Suffrage Association from 1911-1912, as well as the Fairmont Suffrage Club in 1920. In 1911, the Political Equality Club of Fairmont appointed Haymond, among others, as a delegate to the State Federation of Women's Clubs. In November 1915, Haymond was elected by the Fairmont Political Equality Club to serve as a delegate to the State Woman's Suffrage Convention. Alice was also known to have held suffrage parties at her house on Main Street, in Fairmont, WV. For example Mrs. Augusta Hughston, who served as field counsellor for the National American Woman Suffrage Association, hosted multiple conferences with suffrage leaders at Haymond's. At one meeting it was decided that poppies were to be planted in Fairmont to symbolize and raise awareness for the suffrage campaign. Haymond was given the honor of ringing the bell at the Fairmont M.P. Temple in unison with bells all over the country in celebration of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

Alice Haymond died December 3, 1943 at the age of 90 due to an extended illness.


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