Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Mary Nataline Crumpton, 1856-1911

By Michelle Moravec, associate professor, Rosemont (PA) College

Mary Nataline Crumpton was born on December 22, 1856 in Philadelphia to Margaret W. Chadwick and John Carr Crumpton. She studied at the Pittsburgh Female College and taught. She was the author of several volumes, including several volumes that adapted classical plays for school use, such as The Silver Buckle, a tale about the American Revolution based on family lore, and a final volume on Italian history and art based on research she conducted while traveling. She had just completed the latter work when she died suddenly during a trip to Pasadena, California in June of 1911.

Crumpton was active in the Philadelphia Suffrage Society. In 1905, she was a member of the Libraries Committee that submitted a report at the annual meeting of NAWSA. At the 1909 Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Association (PWSA) state convention held in Newton, Crumpton served as co-chair of the resolutions committee. In 1911, she began teaching weekly classes held at the headquarters of the Philadelphia Suffrage Society to educate women about the need for the franchise. Students explored political questions of the day and learned about the history of the movement. The goal of the study classes was to prepare women to speak in public about the cause. A report in the Woman's Journal noted that Crumpton relied on both The Life of Susan B Anthony and The History of Woman Suffrage which were purchased as part of the creation of a library at the society.

A 1911 report of the PWSA noted that "the unexpected death of Miss Crumpton . . . was a shock to her many friends and a loss to the cause." Her sister Kate Crumpton continued to work for woman suffrage.


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