Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Helen S. Beddall, 1888-1966

By Sabrina Heggan, Rosemont College

Helen S. Beddall was born on January 14, 1888 in Pennsylvania to Edward A. Beddall, an attorney, and Carrie E. Guiterman Beddall. She had one sibling, Thomas H. Beddall. Helen graduated from Wellesley in 1909. She married Charles W. Clement, a politician from Sunbury, in 1917. They lived in Sunbury, Pennsylvania with their two children. Charles died in 1947 and Helen Clement died on February 1, 1966.

Helen and Charles were noted in the 1920 census for Sunbury. Charles was 13 years her senior and served as Sunbury's mayor at this date. By 1930, the couple had two sons, 8 and 6, and Helen's widowed mother lived in the household. Charles was a very successful lawyer and the couple owned their home, valued at $28,000.

Clement served as Schuylkill county chairwoman during the 1915 suffrage referendum drive. While the area was expected to reject the referendum, the slim margin of defeat was credited to Clement's "persistent campaign of education." She was also elected director of the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters in November of 1920.


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