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Biography of Marion Hamilton Carter, 1865-1937

By Mary Maillard, Independent Historian

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Marion Hamilton Carter (1865-1937) was an American Progressive-Era educator, psychologist, children's literature editor, artist, muckraking journalist, women's suffrage advocate, and novelist. She was the eldest of three children born into a well-to-do family in Philadelphia at the end of the Civil War. Her father was a doctor and her mother published Sketches of North Carolina: Phases of Life Where the Galax Grows (1900) based upon interviews she had conducted among poor Appalachian folk.

Carter taught school for eleven years from 1888 until 1899 while attending prestigious institutions of higher learning. She attended Miss Van Kirk's Philadelphia Training School for Kindergartners (c.1883-1887) and attended Vassar College (1887-89). In 1893 she earned a degree in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and continued there as a post graduate student the following year. While enrolled at Radcliffe College (1895-96), she studied at Harvard University, under the direction of philosopher William James and educator Paul Henry Hanus. In 1898 she received a BS Cornell University and worked towards a PhD in Philosophy the following year. She also earned a teacher's certificate in 1899 at the New York Teacher Training School where she taught for several years.

During her transition from teaching to journalism in 1904, Carter published seven books: a teaching manual, with her own hand drawn illustrations of common flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and six editions of children's animal stories previously published in St. Nicholas Magazine. She established her reputation as a muckraking journalist through her months-long coverage of the sensational 1906 Josephine Terranova murder trial. Her journalism covered issues of pedagogy, health/medicine, psychology and the occult, and sometimes reflected reactionary views. She published in McClure's Magazine (1904-1910) and worked as associate editor of the magazine for several years. In her editorial capacity, she wrote numerous pieces during her professional career either anonymously or under assumed names.

An active member of The Authors League of America, Carter gave invited presentations about women in the press after she left McClure's in 1910. At the Iowa Press and Authors' Club in Des Moines in early 1911 she spoke on "Woman and Magazine Work." That year she and a group of New York women purchased the failed New Orleans based suffragist magazine, The Woman's Era (not to be confused with the African American magazine The Woman's Era). As editor-in-chief she planned to hire "women prominent in the field of literature" but she was unable to get the new magazine off the ground. Carter published numerous short stories between 1905 and 1922 and many of those written in the 1910s are set in Wyoming where she had travelled in 1911 to investigate Wyoming women's suffrage and to interview the first woman justice of the peace in the United States.

Carter's The Woman With Empty Hands: The Evolution of a Suffragette was published anonymously in 1913 as a pseudo-autobiography and dedicated to British suffragette Emmeline_Pankhurst and her daughters. Written in the first person, it tells the story of an elite widowed woman from Richmond, Virginia--feeling hopeless, devastated, and purposeless after the deaths of her husband and only child--who converts to the women's suffrage cause after meeting a young suffragette distributing pamphlets on the street.

By 1922 Carter had moved to Christiantown, Massachusetts, an unoccupied Indigenous reservation on the northwest side of Martha's Vineyard that she had loved since she was a child. She died in Christiantown on March 12, 1937, a month short of her 72nd birthday. She left her estate to Cornell University.

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