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Biography of Jennie Blanche Morrison Taylor, 1858-1936

By Emma Kvart and Lauren Lieberman, Seattle, WA

Jennie Blanche Morrison was born in Ohio in February 1858 to Josiah and Rebecca Morrison, both Ohio natives. Her father was a painter, and her family had a man named Edward Butts residing with them, perhaps an employee or a relative. Sometime between 1860 and 1870, the Morrison family moved to Nebraska and opened a large boarding house. The 1870 census recorded 32 boarders in their household. The family was well off, with real estate valued at $2,000 and personal estate of $5,000.

In June 1879, Jennie married George Henstice Taylor in Gold Hill, Nevada. They then relocated to Esmerelda, Nevada, and George worked as a merchant.

Her son, Harold Morrison Taylor, was born in Reno in 1888. Her daughter, Doris Taylor, was born in 1896.

In 1900, the Taylors were living on Evert Street in Reno. George worked as a clerk at the Washoe County Bank and later became President. The bank later closed in 1929. A newspaper account identified him as President of the Reno Mill and Lumber Company and Charles Gulling as General Manager. Charles Gulling's wife, Margaret Gulling, was also a Nevada suffragist.

In 1911, Jennie joined the Nevada campaign for equal suffrage. This was the earliest date we found for her being active for women's suffrage.

In 1915, Nevada women won a partial vote. They could vote in city elections, but not in federal elections. In 1916, that changed to include county and statewide elections. And in 1920, women could vote in all elections, thanks to the 19th Amendment.

In 1917, Jennie attended an event entertaining Anne Martin, a Nevada suffrage movement leader. She was recorded as a registered voter in October 1920, and she contributed in support of Anne Martin's unsuccessful Senate campaign. She likely voted for Martin for Senator.

In 1930, she and George were living in a rented home in Pasadena, California. It's possible that they lived there for the remainder of Jennie's life. In 1931, Jennie suffered a stroke. In July 1936, she died in Pasadena following a three-month illness.


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