Biographical Sketch of Ann M. (Mrs. William K.) Lancey

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Biography of Ann M. (Mrs. William K.) Lancey, 1819-1910

By Jodi Oaks, Librarian, Mohawk Valley Community College

Ann Marie Gould was one of 13 children of Joshua and Sally (Martin) Gould born on May 1, 1819 in Norridgewock, Maine. Her father was a lawyer and her family was prominent in the area. At 13 years old, Ann began teaching at a school on a local farm and continued to teach for the next 20 years. On January 20, 1856, Ann married William K. Lancey, "an extensive dealer in lands and lumber" born February 1821 in Maine. An 1876 article in the Portland Daily Press described him as a "rabid Democrat." Records show Ann's last name as Lancey, Lancy, or Laney. She had three daughters, Nelly/Nellie M. (married name Hunnewell) born 1858, Susan W. born 1859, and Annie E. (married name Milliken) born 1862. Her daughter Susan died at three years old on February 25, 1863.

Ann was active in the Universalist church, including membership in the Ladies' Aid Society. She was also a member of the Pittsfield, Maine Grange. Her obituary published in the Pittsfield Advertiser described her as a "very zealous" temperance worker who was active in several local temperance groups. In 1873, Ann signed her name to a "Call For a Woman Suffrage Convention in Maine" published in Woman's Journal. The call was signed by more than 200 people representing 8 counties. The resulting convention included the formation of the Maine Woman Suffrage Association, of which Ann was elected treasurer in 1873 and 1876. According to The History of Woman Suffrage, the Maine Woman Suffrage Association was active from 1873 to 1876, but there was little activity until 1885 when the association underwent a revitalization and was reorganized. In 1899, Ann was part of a group of women who presented a petition to the Maine Legislature supporting the enactment of a law exempting women from taxation on the grounds that taxation without representation is tyranny. It was referred to the Committee on Taxation, which granted a hearing and reported that the petitioners had "leave to withdraw."

Ann lived for many years in Pittsfield, Maine. After the death of her husband on April 23, 1898, she lived with her daughter Annie and her grandson Lancey/Lancy Gould Milliken. Ann died at 91 years old on November 21, 1910. Her cause of death was recorded as apoplexy. She is buried in Pittsfield Village Cemetery in Pittsfield, Maine.


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