Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Margaret Green, 1849-1928

By Brenden Barco, Ph.D., Raleigh, N.C.

Margaret/Marguerite Vida Stanley Green nee Lane was born in Madras, British India on August 29, 1849. Her parents were George Eben Lane and Vida Morphett. A Lieutantant-Adjutant in the 25th Regiment at Fort St George, George died in 1852 from apoplexy. By 1867, the family had relocated a long way to Tipperary, Ireland and Margaret married James Ellis Green in the town of Clonmel. In the mid-1870s, the Green family relocated to the United States and by 1880 was residing in Baltimore, Maryland.

James Green was a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and had training in mathematics and law. Initially a city schoolteacher, James later became a clerk and rose to the level of Deputy Insurance Commissioner of Maryland, a position he held for nearly 10 years until his death in 1913. The "Professor" was well-regarded in the Baltimore area and built up enough funds to move the family to Mornington, a 15-room country estate near Towson.

Margaret was the mother of nine children, five of whom lived to adulthood, and had no listed occupation throughout her time in America. However, she was an active member of the Baltimore County Woman's Christian Temperance Union (BC-WCTU), for a time serving as its president. As part of this group, she led several social purity initiatives to spread religious and moral discourse in prisons. She also took part in broader political movements within the BC-WCTU such as their demands for a raised age of consent for girls, repeal of divorce laws, and suppression of child labor.

As part of the BC-WCTU, Margaret backed an 1890 endorsement of women's suffrage as "the means by which to secure the removal of the saloons." Margaret also admired women with prominent roles in politics, notably Mary Risteau, the first woman to serve in the state General Assembly. Additionally, along with fellow BC-WCTU members Elizabeth Herring and Ethel Crosby, she represented Baltimore in numerous state suffrage conventions. An active member of BC-WCTU into the 1920s, Margaret died in Towson on August 24, 1928 and is buried at Baltimore's Govans Presbyterian Churchyard.


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