Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Harriet S. Grant, 1869-1944

By Molly P. Rozum, Associate Professor, University of South Dakota

While "Hattie" Grant grew up in Dakota Territory and lived in South Dakota during most of the state's woman suffrage movement, she became an active suffragist only for its sixth successful 1918 campaign. Harriet S. Grant was born 30 October 1869 to Edwin H. and Irene S. Grant at Rossville, in Vermillion County near Danville, Illinois. She had two brothers and the family was Presbyterian. She moved to South Dakota in June 1880 with her parents, who were part of an "Illinois colony" of settlers in Beadle County. Grant township is named after the family. The family moved to Huron, where her father did press work for a Sunday school organization.

Harriet Grant became a teacher and also wrote poetry. In 1896, she ran as a Republican for the Beadle County Superintendent of Schools against Democrat and Populist opponents. Grant also trained teachers at summer Institutes and was active in the South Dakota Teachers' Association. She belonged to the Women's Synodical Missionary Society. In 1917, she served as state chair of artwork for the Woman's Educational Clubs of South Dakota. Although the long-time South Dakota Universal Franchise League president Mamie Pyle lived in Huron, for South Dakota's 1918 woman suffrage campaign, Grant chaired Beadle County's Franchise League. National American Woman Suffrage Association organizer Maria McMahon claimed Grant "rose to the emergency and left nothing undone." In 1918, almost 70% of Beadle County's residents voted for woman suffrage. In 1919, Grant served as the treasurer for the state's Federation of Women's Clubs.

By 1928, Grant lived in Sierra Madre, California. She served as president of the Sierra Madre Woman's Club in 1929 and remained associated with the club during the 1930s, taking special interest in promoting art. She maintained ties to a contingent of Huronites who had moved to California and to those who remained in the South Dakota town. Harried Grant died on 9 December 1944 and is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Danville, Illinois, where one of her brothers lived. Grant may have lived in Danville for a short time in the early twentieth century.

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