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Biography of Eugenia Kelley (Hall), approx. 1884-1966

By Rose Gorrell, Master's Student, Department of History, Colorado State University.

1912 Alternate Delegate to the Democratic Nominating Convention

Eugenia Kelley, also known as Miss M.A. Eugenia Kelley, Gene Kelley, and Annie Eugena Kelly, was an alternate delegate representing Mesa County in the 1912 Colorado delegation to the Democratic Nominating Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1899, Kelley was one of the founding members of the Columbine Band, the first female only band in the state, where she played the snare drum. The Columbine Band hosted dances and fundraisers throughout the early twentieth-century.

Born in 1884 in Indiana, Kelley later moved to Colorado where she lived with her mother, Anna Kelley, and her sister and two brothers. She lived in Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado for the remainder of her life. Kelley married Frank R. Hall in 1915, and they had four children: Robert, Margaret, Oliver, and Randall. Eugenia died in 1966 in Grand Junction, and both she and Frank were buried in the Calvary Cemetery in the same city.


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