Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Mabel Hansen Guise, 1885-1963

By Cierra Orlyk, Undergraduate, SUNY Oneonta

Mabel Hansen Guise was born February 19, 1885 in Kasson, Minnesota to John A. Hansen and Nellie Scherlie. Her parents were of Norwegian and Swedish descent. She moved to Kenyon, Minnesota when she was young, where she graduated from Kenyon High School in 1902. She married John Milton Guise of Long Lake, Minnesota on June 17, 1903. The two moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1907. She attended Columbia University in 1910.

Guise joined the Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association and served as state organizer. She was active in local St. Paul clubs, including the Schubert Club, the Woman's Welfare League, serving as secretary, the Ramsey County Suffrage Association, also serving as secretary, and, eventually, the Minnesota League of Women Voters, an organization she directed. In 1918, Guise and two other women were appointed as organizers to obtain signatures in over 480 Minnesota towns for women's suffrage. For the 26th annual meeting of the Federation of Women's Clubs, Guise secured Mayor L. C. Hodgson of St. Paul to speak for her legislation department. In 1921, she became chair of the department of legislation for the Minnesota Federation of Women's Clubs. That year she spoke at the Midwinter Conference of Minnesota Women's Clubs. At the annual convention of the Minnesota Federation of Women's Clubs, she presented the report of the legislative committee. Guise was a member of the lobby that got women into juries and advocated for the fifty-four- hour work week for women, the carnival bill, and a street trades law.

During World War I, Guise worked in the Red Cross suffrage unit, and continued her involvement in Minnesota suffrage organizations. In 1921, she introduced W. I. Nolan, speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives, at an event of the Minnesota Federation of Women's Clubs. She outlined the state of the department of legislation of the organization and noted the importance of having women in legislation. The same year, she spoke at the Minnesota Federation of Women's Clubs in support of a bill for a family court. In 1930, she served as a representative for her congressional district at the Faribault Meeting for the State League of Women Voters, where she would discuss government efficiency, educational measures, and a proposed amendment concerning marriage.

Guise eventually moved to Los Angeles, California, where she died on October 28, 1963.


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Photo is from “Convention of National League of Women Voters Attract Attention of Nation,” Star Tribune, April 10, 1921, 74.

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