Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni, 1888-1970

Writer and poet, Rosa Marinoni was active in the woman suffrage movement in Arkansas. The Arkansas state report in The History of Woman Suffrage, volume 6 [LINK] notes that Rosa spoke at a suffrage rally on May 1, 1914

Under the auspices of the league the first national suffrage May day was observed in Little Rock with speeches from the steps of the Old State House. Seventy-five letters were sent out to prominent men in the State, asking them to make five-minute speeches and after ten days Dr. L. P. Gibson, the well-known physician, was the first to accept. The next morning the Arkansas Gazette told that Dr. Gibson of Little Rock would be one of the speakers and then every man who could arrange to be in town that day accepted his invitation. Among the women who spoke were Mrs. George Pratho, Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. C. E. Rose, Mrs. T. T. Cotnam, Miss Julia Warner, Miss Josephine Miller, Mrs. George E. Cunningham, Mrs. Terry, Mrs. S. S. Wassel, [page break]

Mrs. E. W. Gibb, Mrs. W. G. Whipple, Mrs. A. Marinana. The intensely interested crowd stood two hours and a half earnestly listening to these leading citizens asking the right of suffrage for Arkansas women.

For a full sketch of Marinoni, see her entry in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas, accessible online at

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