Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Mrs. Jack Hawkins

By Leslie Spencer, Historian, Atlanta, Georgia.

Third Vice President, Atlanta's Woman's Suffrage League, Vice President, Women's Study Club

Mrs. Hawkins was the daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth McCarthy, president of the Georgia Woman Suffrage Association (GWSA). Hawkins would be a member of many of the same organizations in which her mother was involved.

The Woman's Suffrage League formed in 1913, was active among the business community and educators, which was led by Mrs. Frances Whiteside. As part of their strategy, they sponsored and essay contest to raise awareness in the conscience of the citizens. While serving in the position of third vice -president of the Atlanta's Woman's Suffrage League, Hawkins introduced a resolution. The resolution was to endorse the movement of the National American Highway Association for good roads in the state of Georgia. The resolution was unanimously adopted.

In 1915, Hawkins along with Mrs. McCarthy (her mother) were selected as delegates to represent Georgia at the National American Woman Suffrage Association convention. Wielding a degree of political and social clout, Hawkins would be a driving force in mobilizing citizens of Georgia to support woman suffrage. Just as many of her contemporaries, Hawkins descended from a background of privilege and was well connected. Hawkins belonged to several exclusive civic and social organizations. These organizations were grassroot organizations which would advocate for women's suffrage and to alleviate poverty.


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