Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890–1920

Biography of Minerva Goodman, 1876-1967

By Hailey Hoyt, Undergraduate, Department of History, University of California, Santa Barbara

Member of the California Equal Suffrage Association, served as President, Secretary, and Public Relations Officer for the Stockton Political Equality Club (1904-1911).

Minerva Goodman graduated from the University of Minnesota and worked as a physician in Stockton, California from 1904 until 1962. She primarily worked with patients who were Chinese immigrants, impoverished people, or elderly citizens. Additionally, she served as a collegiate doctor for women's health at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. Goodman was also involved with developing x-ray technology to aid in tuberculosis testing.

In addition to her active career in the medical field, Minerva was an involved member of her local Stockton Political Equality Club from 1904-1911. She served as the President, Secretary, and Public Relations officer of the club throughout her membership term. Additionally, she was a participant of the California Equal Suffrage Association, an activist group that led suffrage marches and spearheaded a strong propaganda campaign for suffrage. While she did not hold a position in the organization, she was frequently seen at the Association's publicity events. Goodman was a participant in the Wage Earners' Equal Suffrage League of San Francisco. The League was founded in 1911 in New York, but it quickly branched out from state to state. They promoted political representation for working women but also included non-working women in their campaign efforts. Additionally, Dr. Goodman was a member of the Political Equality League of Los Angeles, but it is unclear how involved she was with this organization.


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