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Biography of Franke Van Valkenburgh Land, 1871-1944

By Jennifer Hopper, undergraduate student in history, University of Central Arkansas

Franke Van Valkenburgh was born to Mary Tisdale and Gerrit Smith Van Valkenburgh on September 12, 1871 in Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas. Franke was described as one of the city's most popular young ladies. She was known for having a talent for originality and keeping spirits up with a fine sense of humor, and wrote several papers and pieces of poetry.

Franke was a prominent member of the Daughters of the American Revolution; Daughters of the Confederacy; and the Epworth League, an association for young adult Methodists aged 18 to 35. Before she was married, she worked in Pine Bluff as an assistant postmistress.

Franke married Dr. Levin K. Land at Main Street Methodist Church on November 23, 1898. She and her husband were described as two of the most prominent people in Pine Bluff at the time, in both social and religious circles. The couple had two sons, Cooper and Gerrit, and one daughter, Frances.

In December 1913, Franke acted as mistress of ceremonies for the convention of the Political Equality League in Arkansas, and introduced the first speaker and president of the organization, Mrs. Alice Ellington. Later on during the proceedings, she was elected president of the Pine Bluff chapter, with Miss Henrietta Taylor serving as secretary.

Later in her life, Franke worked at the Jefferson County courthouse as a co-treasurer. She died on October 21, 1944, and was buried alongside her husband in Bellwood Cemetery in Pine Bluff.


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