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Biography of Emma McHenry (Mrs. Harvey L.) Glenn, 1858-1933

By Alexis C. Hickey, Student: Saint Martin's University, Lacey, WA

Mrs. Harvey L. Glenn was born in Des Moines Iowa between the years 1857 and 1859 as Emma McHenry. She was born in Des Moines, Iowa to parents W.H. McHenry, and Mary Butterfield. W.H. McHenry was a Judge in the District Court, and the first Mayor of Des Moines. Emma Glenn, formerly McHenry married Harvey L. Glenn on February 11, 1885 in Des Moines, Iowa. They moved to Helena, Montana in the 1880's.

In Helena, Mrs. Glenn was a member of a local Unitarian society. Associated with the society was a school, in which Mrs. McHenry taught kindergarten. She was an active in the teaching community of Helena, and spent her time working with students and administrators to better the educational system. Mrs. Harvey presented and spoke on the Pollard System at the annual institute of county teachers in Helena. She was also member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Mr. Glenn was offered a job in Seattle in the United States assay office on March 1, 1891. Mrs. Glenn visited her husband in Seattle on March 18, 1891. There is no recorded data of when Mr. and Mrs. Glenn moved to Seattle. They were listed as living in Helena on the 1900 census. However, in 1904, Mrs. Glenn had a child, Thomas Glenn in Seattle, Washington.

Mrs. Glenn was very active politically once moving to Seattle, and was president of the Seattle Suffrage Club beginning before 1910 and continuing until after Washington passed its equal suffrage law. As president of the Seattle Suffrage Club, Mrs. Glenn was quoted in the Seattle Republican Newspaper on November 18, 1910 giving thanks to the newspaper. She said, “the steady and able advocacy of equal suffrage by The Seattle Republican during the recent campaign in this city, has been an important aid in the enfranchisement of the women of this state, and that our grateful recognition be expressed to its editor” (The Seattle Republican Nov. 18. 1910). She was open with her political views. In 1911 she was cited for signing a protest against the election of Mrs. Emma De Voe as a delegate of the Council of Women Voters. Her name was published in several local newspapers in 1912 promoting Ernest Lister as Governor, and described as a progressive woman. In 1912 she attended the Roosevelt Reception on Tuesday September 10, 1912. This event was the first of three speeches Col. Roosevelt held in Seattle. Mrs. Harvey was one of 50 people as a part of the reception committee.

She died on December 16, 1933. Her husband and son suvived her.


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