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Biography of Flora Myrtle Millspaugh, 1874-1956

By Lizbeth Ortiz, student
Harry S Truman College - City Colleges of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

Vice president, Indianapolis, The Officers; vice president, Equal Suffrage Association

Flora Myrtle Millspaugh was born in April 10, 1874 in White, Illinois to Thomas Shelby Millspaugh and Pricella Vineyard. Millspaugh married Alex H. Goldsmith. Millspaugh had a son named, Clarence Goldsmith who died on December 16, 1982. Flora Myrtle Millspaugh remarried to John Valentine Borhman. In the 1940 census, Flora Myrtle Millspaugh was living with her son Clarence Goldsmith in Louisville, Kentucky. She died in 1956.

Flora Myrtle Millspaugh was a supporter of the Women's Enfranchisement League in the legislative work in the United States during 1914. Flora served as vice president for Indiana branch of state organizations representing 80,000 organized women. These organizations were: Federation of women's club, Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Mother's Congress, Woman's Franchise League, Woman's Press Club, Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Consumers League, Woman's Relief Corps, Equal Suffrage Association. These organizations illustrated an impact that could not be ignored. And the purpose of this was to work for a partial suffrage bill and to cooperate with the woman's franchise league in the legislative work.

In 1914, Flora Millspaugh, supported efforts to pass a partial suffrage bill and for the state of Indiana to collaborate in the Woman's Franchise League in the legislative work. On February 28, 1914, the governor of Indiana signed the bill.


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