Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890–1920

Biography of Fanny Flannelly, 1859–1948

By Chelsea R. Miller, independent scholar, Saratoga Springs, NY

Fanny Flannelly was born on September 29, 1859. Her mother, Bridget Flannelly (née Conlon), was born in New York, and her father, John Flannelly, was born in Ireland. In various records, their last name appears as “Flannelly,” “Flanelly,” or “Flanly.”

In 1900, Fanny Flannelly, a schoolteacher, lived at 408 West 44th Street in Manhattan with her mother, her aunt, Fannie T. Conlon, and four siblings: Rosina (Rose) Flannelly, Thos. S. Flannelly, Hugh J. Flannelly, and Mary Flannelly. An Irish-born servant named Hannah Hurley was also reported as living in the household. By 1915, Fanny and Rose had moved to 58 77th Street.

Fanny, along with her sister, Rose, was a member of the St. Catherine Welfare Association, a Manhattan-based Catholic organization of young women advocating for suffrage that grew out of the work of the Catholic Committee of the New York City Woman Suffrage Party. Named after Saint Catherine of Siena, the Association supported woman suffrage as part of a larger agenda to improve social and economic conditions for women and children. The Association, led by Sara McPike and Winifred Sullivan, worked in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other states, in collaboration with other organizations, including the Woman Suffrage Party of the State of New York and the Manhattan Borough section of the Woman Suffrage Party in New York City. Fanny and Rose were listed in the History of Woman Suffrage: 1900–1920 among several members who “helped [promote suffrage] unceasingly by writing, speaking and in many other ways.”

Fanny Flannelly died on October 1, 1948, and was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Queens County.


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