Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890–1920

Biography of Elizabeth F. Long, 1832-1908

By Emma Ward, student, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Elizabeth F. Long, née Williams, and known as Lizzie, was born in 1832, to a family in New York. She was married to George Long in 1859, at which point she moved to Illinois.

During her time in Illinois, she became very involved in the suffrage movement, serving as president of the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association for the 1901 term. One of the greatest accomplishments of the Association was its support for the Magill Bill passed in 1913. The bill allowed women to vote in elections for all statutory offices in the state of Illinois. Although the bill allowed women limited suffrage, it did not put them on equal standing with men.

Mrs. Long was an active participant in political matters, and remained involved her whole life. She passed away in 1908, and is buried with her husband in Pittsfield, Illinois.

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The Voter, Henry Barrett Chamberlain (January 1913)

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