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Biography of Mary Frost Munroe, 1858-1908

By Michelle Sanya-olu, SUNY Old Westbury, New York. Faculty Sponsor: Carol Quirke

The only vital statistic available for Mary Frost Munroe was in the 1860 U.S. Census. She was then one year old, the youngest daughter of James and Elizabeth Munroe of Roxbury, Massachusetts. The Munroes had four other children. Munroe was active in mission work; in 1887 she was listed at the secretary and treasurer of Concord's Auxiliary to the Middlesex Union Conference of the Woman's Board of Missions. She was a donor from 1897 to the NAWSA, according to that organization's 1898 "Proceedings." Munroe's work was acknowledged in the History of Woman Suffrage only once, in 1904, when it noted her donation of a library on "the woman question" in the name of Mary Lowell Stone, which became the cornerstone of the suffrage headquarters library. (271) She died young, in 1908. Munroe was clearly enmeshed in circles of charitable giving, as upon her death, donations were made to the New England Moral Reform Society, which supported pregnant women, rest homes for old horses, hospital beds at Children's Hospital and local suffrage groups. Additionally, a Mary Frost Munroe Fund was established with a thousand dollars by an anonymous donor on June, 1911 to Boston University. The fund was for "deserving and needy" female students, who were required to pay back the loan.


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Student had this on birth info, but I've found nothing confirming beyond this from Family Tree: Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts in 1858, to Enoch Munroe and Emeline Elizabeth Russell. Munroe's father's parents were William Munroe and Lucy Frost, her mother's heritage is unknown. Her parents got married October 29, 1840 and they had five other children. Munroe's five siblings were, William Edward, Emma Frances, Charles Edward, George Henry, and Elizabeth Bailey. Munroe was the youngest child. Most of siblings did not get married, but her brother Charles married and had five children.


See also here for same, History and Genealogy of the Lexington, Mass. Munroes", 2nd ed. By R.S. Munroe - Florence, Massachusetts (1986) - 14-1/10-22-6 - p. 265, available at

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