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Amsterdam, 16 February 1905

My dear Rosika,

   I was pleased with your letter, you have achieved a great deal in a short time. I have already written to Mrs. Catt about the invitation, you should get it. The aristocratic women, and those who are pleased to pass as such, are the same everywhere. In Denmark, Miss Norrie has been expelled, the woman who got everything done there and who managed the entire Danish Council, and in my absence the same was done to my good Martina

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Kramers. I have used all of my influence to bring her back in, but whether I shall succeed, I doubt it. After all, I am not liked much myself, but so far they have not been able to manage without me.

   Mrs. Perkins Gilman is coming over on 5 March, and will stay with me until 9 March. Of course she was to give a lecture here, but that was a difficult matter. Not a single association wanted to invite her, not even my own Women Suffrage Association. Then I said, fine, there is not to be a quarrel, but Mrs. P.G. will speak here. I went to four aristocratic ladies, two of them are friends of mine. I knew that they had read her books, and together we formed a committee. I wrote an article in one of our daily newspapers and even before we have announced the exact date and place, we have sold so many tickets that in the end it turns out a good speculation.

   I do not believe that she can come to Austria and Hungary now, since she has already booked her return passage, she wants to be back in New York before Easter. But you can try, in Holland her address is with me.

   Of course I remember Vilma Glucklich, she is not the kind of person one would ever forget. I liked her very much. She sent me the printed matter, but I cannot read it, it is all Hungarian, are there perhaps German articles about the new association? If you want to write to Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, her address is: 205 W. 57th Str. New York, but it can wait, I am sure she will write to you.

   And now for your preference for morphia! Dear child, it is something completely normal. I am sure you do not want to believe me, women never want to, but it is very natural and always happens to unmarried women who are over 23 or 25 years of age. It is entirely physical. I should like to talk with you because I cannot write it in such a way that you will understand me without misinterpreting, but this is something you have in common with all women, only in coarse and less sensitive women it expresses itself differently. I have also experienced it for many years, it is because we live too respectably. It is the same with men when they lead a clean life. Which is why they don't. Very sensible; as long as they do not need prostitutes or make prostitutes.

   I hope that your mama will soon be better and that you will not have financial worries. That is too bad! The other will pass, but very slowly.

   My good husband has not been quite well since our return from America. He complains continually about nervous disturbances and has not yet been able to participate in public life. I hope it will pass, but now and then I am afraid it will be chronic. I for myself am completely involved again in all the feminist work, and feel very well. Receive the kindest regards from the both of us,

Yours, lovingly,

Aletta H. Jacobs

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