Charlotte Perkins Gilman


179 West 76th Street,
New York

Dear Dr. Jacobs,

   Your sad news[A] came to me while off on another lecture trip; with my head so weak that all lectures were put aside. Now I am at home and getting able to write. What can I say to you?--only that after my visit to your hospitabIe [home] I know a little of how great is your loss.

   Well for you that you are a strong valuable Human Being as well as a woman; your work will hold you up.

   I have known much grief though never this crowning one; and I know that it is only in the large life of the world and one's work in it that one finds strength to bear pain.

   So I'm glad you have it, with your own courageous nature.


Yours with cordial sympathy,
Charlotte Perkins Gilman


   Regards to the good nephew!


A. Gilman refers to the death of Jacobs's husband, Carel Victor Gerritsen, on July 5, 1905. He died of gastrointestinal cancer.
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