How Did Eight Translations of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's WOMEN AND
Transmit Feminist Thought across National Boundaries in the
Years before World War I?


   I am very grateful to the following librarians and scholars who have been generous with their time and effort in assisting me in this endeavor.

   Jan Adamczyk, Slavic Reference Service, International and Area Studies Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Mina Carson; Eleonora Cirant, Biblioteca dell'Unione femminile nazionale, Milan; Natalie Cornett; Joanna Epstein, Slavic Librarian, Harvard University; Nicolas Garcia; Sophie Geoffroy; Donna Griesenbach; Laura Hein; Rui Kohiyama, David Leyenson, Assistant Librarian for Western Europe, Western Languages Division, Harvard University; Jeylan Mammadova; Gabriella de Martino; Annette Mevis, ATRIA; Kazuhiro Oharazeki; Aurelio Pironti; Anna Rakityanskaya, Slavic Division, Widener Library, Harvard Unversity; Karen Rosneck; Rochelle Ruthchild; Olga Shneyrova; Katalin Spang; Susan Stravinski and Jill Rosenshield, Cairns Collection, University of Wisconsin at Madison; Hugh Truslow, Librarian for the Fung Library and Davis Center Collection, Harvard University; Christine Worobec; Claire Whitner; Megumi Yamauchi, Sole Alba Zolla.

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