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Biography of Grace C. Richardson, 1888-1963

By Logan Wehr, Dr. Amy Forss, professor

Grace C. Richardson was estimated to be born in 1888 in Minnesota. She would marry a man named James Richardson who was born in Missouri and then they would move to Omaha, Nebraska. There she would have a son who is named James Richardson, Jr in 1907. They would all move to Los Angeles, California. She lived there until she died on January 9, 1963.

In 1910 Grace Richardson was recorded by the federal census living with her family at Omaha Ward 11. In 1911 she and her husband moved from Omaha to Cape Ann to spend some time with her husband's mother. There Grace Richardson, her mother-in-law, and her sister-in- law Mrs. Roland Usher, who was very involved in suffrage work in St. Louis, volunteered to help the Boston suffragists when they came to Gloucester for a street demonstration. As soon as she came back from Massachusetts she immediately joined the Omaha suffragists. In 1912 she was made chairman of the Congressional district comprising the three counties around Omaha.

After WW1 there was a debate around the nation about whether the United States should join the League of Nation. She was the only one amongst her women friends who voted no. She was concerned about being the only one to say no, but she showed that not everyone was in support of joining the League of Nations. She would also attend the meeting on the contributors to make final disposition of money of the treasurers of a fund which was raised to sustain the Nebraska Partial Suffrage Law in February 1922. While they were waiting for the 36th state to ratify the 19th amendment, the Omaha News took pictures of her and some of her fellow suffragists. According to the federal manuscript census in 1930 she lived in Monrovia, California.


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