Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Louise Narjot Howard, 1861-?

By Ana Sanderson-Burglin, undergraduate, University of California, Berkeley

Louise Narjot was truly an international woman. Louise, sometimes known as Louisa, was born in Mexico on July 17, 1861. Her father, Ernest Narjot, met Louise's mother, Selina Santos Ortiz, while joining a mining expedition to Sonora in 1860. Ernest, born in Saint-Malo, France, first had ventured to America to work as an artist amidst the California Gold Rush. Following the births of Louise, her bother Ernest, and her sister Charlotte, the family relocated to San Francisco, where Louise's father achieved critical acclaim as a painter.

Louise's diverse cultural heritage undoubtedly sparked in her a love for Romance languages. She not only spoke English, Spanish and French but also went on to marry Charles Howard, a professor in the Romance Language Department at the University of California, Berkeley in 1892. The couple welcomed their first child, Carlos, in 1893. During this period, Louise also supported the arts. In 1893, she served as a member of the "The San Franciscan Women's Literary Exhibit of Californian Writers for the Columbian Exposition" which compiled a collection of literary works to be displayed at the World's Fair. Louise, then a wife and a mother, graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1901 receiving her bachelor's degree in French and Spanish. After graduation, Louise worked as a French teacher in the Bay Area at high schools in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Louise was also a leader in the suffrage movement. As a member of the French Chapter of the College Equal Suffrage League (CESL) of Northern California, Louise helped to organize and educate audiences about political equality. In 1911, Louise joined in the referendum campaign to grant women the right to vote. As a leader of the CESL, Louise spoke at rallies and at evening meetings in the Bay Area to inspire support for the referendum. Louise also fought for the rights of teachers in California. She was an active member of the National Education Association, representing teachers across the United States. In 1923, Louise went on to represent the San Francisco Teachers' Association in a proposal to the California State Senate to amend the state teachers' salary retirement act.

After the death of her husband Howard in 1915, Louise, at the age of 58, continued to teach, participate in women's organizations and travel the world. In 1920, Mrs. Louise N. Howard applied for a passport to travel to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Algeria, Mexico and Israel. By 1921, Louise had made her way to the consulate in Paris, France to submit a formal application for Native Registration to become a naturalized citizen of the United States. In 1930, after having secured her citizenship and the right of women across the state of California to vote, at the age of 68, Louise moved into the home of her only son, along with his wife, Frances, and their daughter Elizabeth. In honor of her late father, Louise wrote the introduction to a short book, published in 1936, about his successful painting career that is still in circulation today.


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