Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Katherine Channelle, 1877-1948

By Cymphony De La Fuente, undergraduate student, Tulane University,

Katherine Channelle was born 1877 and died in 1948. She resided in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1917. It is unclear whether she attended college, but Channelle worked as a local reporter for the American Press and later became well known for her participation in many local groups and organizations , including The Woman's Suffrage Party, The Louisiana Federation of Music along with being the President of the Woman's Symphony Club and the President of the Seven District Louisiana Federation of Woman's clubs. It is unclear whether Channelle ever married or had children in her early years but she continued to go by "Miss" Katherine Channelle for nearly twenty years later. She was buried in Orange Grove cemetery in Lake Charles Louisiana.

Katherine Channelle was well known in her expanding community and in states like Texas and Mississippi for her participation in Women's movement groups and also her shared love for music. She made continuous headlines in her local newspapers for her honors. She was a Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish chairman for the Woman's Suffrage. Channelle later made headlines in newspapers all the way in Beaumont, Texas published February 1910, recognizing her for her seat in the Symphony club where she was to perform a Modern Russian composer's piece during an Easter week concert in Beaumont. She later moved on to becoming President of a Symphony club and had an article published in May of 1915 honoring her election along with the other officers. Channelle went on to become the President of the Seven District Louisiana Federation of Woman's Clubs and later had an article released July of 1916 where she was pictured on the 6th page being honored under the section "Page of woman's many and various Duties." Her love for music led her to join many music clubs. Louisiana Federation of Music was organized for the purpose of making America the music center of the world and Channelle was chosen to be the treasurer of this club in March 1921. Katherine Channelle became a very popular person who made many impressions on her community and its people.


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