Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Mrs. Helene Bloom Aschaffenburg, 1897-1952

By Michelle Daker, undergraduate student, Tulane University

Mrs. H. Aschaffenburg's full name was Helene Bloom Aschaffenburg. Helene Bloom was born in Eufala, Alabama on December 21, 1897. Her parents were Henry and Stern Bloom, and she had four older siblings.

Helene Bloom married Emile Lysle Aschaffenburg on January 21, 1918, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She died April 2, 1952.

Our knowledge of her involvement in the suffrage movement is very limited. She was definitely in attendance at the 1920 annual convention for woman suffrage in Louisiana at 417 Royal Street in New Orleans. Her role in the convention is unclear, but she is counted among the people who attended the event.


The History of Woman Suffrage. Edited by Ida Husted Harper. Page 229

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