Biographical Sketch of Madeleine McKisick (Mrs. Hornsby) Evans


Biographical Database of Militant Woman Suffragists, 1913-1920
Biography of Madeleine McKisick (Mrs. Hornsby) Evans, 1878-1942

By Kristina Armstrong, undergraduate student, SUNY Oneonta

Madeleine McKisck was born in Memphis, Tennessee on September 15, 1878 to Judge Lewis David McKisck and Catherine Elizabeth McKisck. She later married Captain Hornsby Evans.

After her marriage, Evans spent most of her time doing charity work and financially backing the women's suffrage movement. She frequently served as a hostess for woman suffrage receptions. A three-day suffrage conference was held in December 1918, by the National Woman's Party in Lafayette Square. Mrs. Hornsby Evans was a hostess for that reception and did the decorations for the reception. When another reception was held for the National Women's Party for the District of Columbia, Mrs. Hornsby Evans was one of the hostesses. Evans took part in the March 1919 NWP protest in New York City, during which six suffragists were arrested. Later that month, she was responsible for encouraging people to come to an NWP Carnegie Hall rally. Madeleine became the Chairman of the Box Reservation committee. These boxes were reserved by upper-class men and women in New York.

Evans spent a good deal of time traveling abroad with her husband, mother-in-law, and father-in-law. When her father-in-law, Brigadier General Robert Kennon Evans retired the family moved to Italy. She and her husband lived together in Nice, France. She died on January 28, 1942 when she was about 64 years old. Madeleine is buried in the Cimetiere Caucade in Nice, France.


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