Document 16A: Agenda, Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship, 1978 Annual Conference, Chicago, Series 81/1/21, Folder Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship (COWSL), 1978, American Library Association Archives, University of Illinois Library


   Agendas and minutes from COSWL meetings between 1978 and 1980 demonstrate the importance that librarians placed on reaching out to other women's groups. COSWL members attended the meetings of other national women's groups, including the Women's Information Services Network. COSWL also had members attend meetings of various groups within the Association itself such as the Women Administrators' Discussion Group of the Library Administration and Management Association; the Women's Materials and Women Library Users' Discussion Group of the Reference and Adult Services Division; and the Sexism in Adolescent Materials Committee of the Young Adult Services Division. These liaisons would help inform the Committee and help educate others about the work of COSWL. The Committee also spent a great deal of time discussing other activities including providing practical support for women in the profession by creating brochures or planning programs on, for example, affirmative action or legal counseling; encouraging women to run for office in the ALA; and beginning to create a tool kit of information services important to different groups of women in the community, including the elderly, lesbians, and women of color. The Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship accomplished a great deal in its early years, thus helping to create a more equitable environment for women working in libraries.


Saturday June 24th 2 - 4pm Palmer House: Parlor A

Sunday June 25th 8am - 12noon Blackstone: Envoy Room

Monday June 26th 4:30 - 6pm Conrad Hilton: Parlor 418

Wednesday June 28th 10am - 12noon Conrad Hilton: Parlor 412



Approval of Minutes from MidWinter Meeting


Approval of materials for booth distribution

Booth schedule

Resolutions for Council II

    Comparable Wages
National Plan
Salary Ranges
ERA Extension?

Executive Board testimony

IFC/Library Bill of Rights compatibility/revision

Profile of women in librarianship

    future of pilot study
future of full study

LAD PAS Sexism Workshop funding and program status

Liaison reports from other organizations

    Women's Information Services Network
Women's Action Alliance

Public statements from the Committee

    ALA policy

Maintenance of ALA Headquarters in an unratified state

Followup on concerns from MidWinter

    SRRT Task Force on Women
LAD Women Administrators Discussion Group
RASD Women's Materials and Women Library Users Discussion Group
other ALA units

1979 Annual Conference (Dallas) plans

    pre-conference and/or program

1978-1979 travel plans


New business

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