Document 14A: Agenda, Status of Women in Librarianship Committee, 1977 Annual Conference, Detroit, Series 81/2/10, Box 1, Folder 1977 Annual Conference, American Library Association Archives, University of Illinois Library, 2 pp.


   These minutes from the annual conference in Detroit indicate the momentum that the new committee had going. Resolutions on the ERA and the Library Bill of Rights/Sexism-Racism Awareness were voted on; affirmative action programs and brochures were discussed; and a subcommittee was created to come up with a plan to do a comprehensive profile of women in librarianship. These minutes also indicate the level of commitment that the COSWL had to networking with groups outside of the ALA, as representatives from COSWL were selected to attend the National Women's Conference in Houston and the national meeting of the Federation for Organizations for Professional Women in Washington, D.C. The members of COSWL knew it was imperative to work with these other women's organizations in order to raise the status of female librarians both inside and outside of the profession.

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1977 Annual Conference, Detroit


Friday, June 17 8-9:30 a.m. Veteran's Memorial Building Rm. 810

I. Introductions; Midwinter Minutes (bring copy sent earlier)

II. ALA Conference Schedule (Exhibit A)

A. Committee publicity, contacts

1. Professional Exhibit Area

2. JMRT Orientation

3. Detroit Feminist Club Information Fair

B. Liaison and monitoring of ALA groups

III. Proposed Resolutions

A. ERA (Exhibit B)

B. Library Bill of Rights (Exhibit C)

IV. Sexism/Racism Resolution (Exhibit D)

Saturday, June 18 2-4 p.m. Veteran's Memorial Bldg. Rm. 810

I. 1978 Annual Conference (Exhibit E)

II. Possible Projects

A. 1978 ALA Goal Award (Exhibit F)

B. Profile of women in the profession

C. Pamphlet for individuals on employment rights

D. Salary Discrimination program (Exhibit G)

E. Letter from Adele Watson (Exhibit H)

F. Other?

III. SCMAI (Exhibit I)

IV. Contacts with Other groups--reports and liaison activities

A. SRRT Task Force on Women

B. Women Library Workers

C. National Women's Studies Association

D. Women's Educational Equity Network

E. National Women's Agenda Coalition (Exhibit J)

F. National Women's Conference (Exhibit K)

G. Women in Library Management Institute

H. Federation of Organizations for Professional Women

I. Liaison with other groups (Exhibit L)

J. Other?

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Monday, June 20 4:30-6 p.m. Cobo Hall, Rm. 3035

I. Logo (bring ideas)

II. Stationery

III. Committee appointments

IV. Contacts with conference attendees on women's issues

V. Assignment of responsibilities, action steps between conferences

VI. Other

Information Enclosures

Annual report (Exhibit M)

1977-78 Committee members (Exhibit N)

Letters to other organizations (Exhibit O)

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