Document 87C: Casey Cason (aka Casey Hayden aka Sandra Cason) to Sara Evans, 21 June 1978, Elaine DeLott Baker Papers, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.

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   The third letter in this correspondence is from Casey Hayden to Sara Evans, expressing Casey's reservations about claiming sole authorship of the memo.

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June 21, 1978

Sara Evans
History Department
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dear Sara:

    It certainly is interesting to actually read this document you sent. I can't honestly say I remember writing all this. Especially, the initial documentation section contains many instances of discrimination against women in the movement which I do not remember having compiled from my own experience.

    I'm enclosing a note I am sending to some women I was close to at that time and perhaps we can get a clearer picture. I think Mary King at least will have some light to shed on this when she reads the paper.

    I don't want to sign this release until I get some feedback but I think it could simply be printed as an anonymous piece attributed to me if they need to go ahead. I have no objections at all to it's being used, but I don't want to claim I wrote it if it was a group or joint effort, which seems likely to me now that I have read it over. But I could just be forgetting how my own head worked at the time. Many of us seem to have some difficulties with this; it was such a time.

    Maybe a copy of this letter to the publishers will allow them to proceed. Please advise.

Best regards,
Casey Cason

cc: Women to whom note is addressed

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