Document 87A: Sara Evans to Casey Cason (aka Casey Hayden aka Sandra Cason), 14 June 1978, Elaine DeLott Baker Papers, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.

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   The next four headnotes summarize the correspondence between Sara Evans, Casey Hayden and the other women whom Casey consulted on the history of the memo's authorship. It begins with Sara's letter to Casey, asking Casey's permission to publish the memo in her upcoming publication, Personal Politics (New York, 1979).


Department of History
614 Social Sciences
267 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455

June 14, 1978

Dear Casey,

    Thanks for your comments and your encouragement. Sorry I am so slow to respond, but they did get here in time. I'm not sure I used every comment, but I did make a number of changes in response to your notes and your interview. Mainly, however, I am thrilled that you liked the manuscript. Your gut response has to be one of the most important tests I could put it to.

    This letter also has another purpose. As I probably wrote you, after talking to you last summer I received a copy of the mysterious memo which you wrote in 1964 for the Waveland conference. I want to reprint it along with an article (a condensed version of the book) in a book on women's history to be published by Houghton Mifflin. You own the common law copyright to that document as the author of it. So they have asked me to request your permission to reprint it. Just sign the enclosed statement and send it in the envelope if it is OK with you. [handwritten] Quickly--they’re in a hurry.

    Stay in touch. I may decide to put the memo in an appendix in my book, too. If so, I'll probably be writing again soon with a similar document.

[Signed] Sara
Sara Evans

[handwritten] P.S. I enclose a copy of the memo both for proper identification and because I'm sure you will enjoy reading it again. You remembered it well--it's a spunky document.

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