Document 28: Elayne DeLott to Benjamin and Rosa DeLott, "things are going really well," Washington D.C., [mid-October 1964], Elaine DeLott Baker Papers, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.

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   October was cotton ginning season in Canton. A lifelong asthmatic, I had a severe reaction to the cotton dust that filled the air. A few weeks into the season, I had a serious asthma attack. A local doctor gave me a shot of adrenaline, after which I flew home for a week to recuperate. On the way back, I stopped in D.C. to follow up on possible federal resources for farming co-ops. I probably wrote this note on letterhead to impress my parents.

United States Senate

dear mama and daddy,

    things are going really well in washington. i have been seeing people mostly in the dept. of agriculture and the civil rights commission, but i am learning how to run around Washington fairly well. people are being helpful, and there is alot of government money around, that we can use soon. i am feeling completely well and when i get back to Mississippi i go straight to the gulf coast to lead a seminar in the sncc institute on welfare for about ten days, so will be out of the cotton area the rest of ginning time. after that i go to New Orleans for a core convention for a weekend and another rest. i will still get my mail at the samme address, 1017 lynch st, jackson. they send it to me. i have to tell you how nice it was to be at home, and how good it felt to just lie around the house, i guess i still am a lazy little kid that likes to be waited on, but i really didn't mind a bit being sick so that i could stay in bed and relax. i am having dinner with michael risman tonit. i am seeing lots of reporters and government men for lunch, etc. through john and other people i know in washington or met down south this summer renee looked fine in ny and i had an evening to spend with her, and lunch the next day before i left. in between times i study my agriculture. it is fun, in fact, if i weren't allergic to farms i might start my own. anything but cotton. love you both very much and look forward to coming home the next time in about three months.


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