Document 13B: Ku Klux Klan, The Freedom Fighter, December 1963, Elaine DeLott Baker Papers, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University. 4 pp,

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   This article was in the box of 1964-65 materials that I recovered in 1994. The Freedom Fighter exemplifies the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan in the early sixties. Brown v. the Board of Education (1954) had awakened and energized this community of fear, hatred and violence. By the time the Freedom Riders had challenged discrimination in interstate commerce in the early sixties, the KKK was a potent force in the deep South, eager to wage battle with "outside agitators" and threats to the "southern way of life." The Klan and its companion organization, the White Citizens' Council, promoted violence and terrorism, including church burnings, cross burnings, unwarranted arrests, beatings, economic reprisals, torture and murder, often if not always supported by local law enforcement.

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    Published by the KLU KLUX KLAN ----- First Edition --December 1963

    The KLU KLUX KLAN MOTTO --- We Acknowledge our dependence upon God, our responsibility to God and the United States of America only.

    The KLU KLUX KLAN is now awake from a thirty five year sleep. It is reorganized, revitalized and among you. It will now see all, hear all and know all. It will now join the freedom fight. Hear its Voice for it is THE VOICE OF MEN!!!!!!

    As some of you read this you may ask yourself some questions. Why does the KKK come back now? Is this the original KKK? What do they think the can do now? How many are there and where are they? Some of you may say that it is not legal and there is nothing they can do now. Let us speak with you a few short moments, very very seriously, about our Nation, its future and the troublesome times. Lets talk about our nation, its future and the future of our very wonderful children.

    Almost a half century ago in one of the eastern nations of this world was born the communist party. This evil political machine was given its birth in the ashes of civil war, out of the crimes of men that are too horrible for the average layman to understand, and out of rape, murder, starvation, famine and greed. The communist party has said they will rule the world, regardless. In the same ten year period in our own great Republic was born the NAACP. In the time since many millions of the worlds people have been led to believe that this is an organization to help the poor colored people. In reality it is the Nationally Associated American Communist Party. Many Millions of the worlds people have been led to believe that both of these sinister organizations were to bring good and improve the living standard of the world. This is a communist lie. Millions of the same people who were led easily have been mass murdered, tortured into insanity, enslaved and ill treated beyond our understanding. These people thought they were to get something for nothing. The poor dumb country negro is today looking for something for nothing and is falling for the same communist lie. It has now been proven that the negro that is trying to take over in America is communist led. If you are senile enough to think this is wrong, you are a complete fool and a very useful tool in the hands of both the negro and communist. If you love your country and freedom listen!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The communist are milking millions of dollars from the negros and some trashy white people to wage a war on you with. They have the help of the Kennedy Brats, The Roosevelts, The Martin Luther Kings, Roy Wilkins, The Ed Sullivans, The Huntleys and Brinkleys, The Drew Pearsons, The James Merediths, The Black Warren Court and a lot of foolish congressmen and senators. This was is being fought in Little Rock, Ark., Jackson, Miss., Albany, Ga., Oxford, Miss., Birmingham, Ala,, Plaquemine, La. and Washington, D.C. It is being fought in Franklin County, Mississippi. Americans have been told by too many half made Democrats and Republicans that this is only a civil rights struggle, that the too dumb to learn, filthy, diseased, evil minded negro needs civil rights. This again is the big communist lie. This war that is being very carefully planned, well financed and well waged is a war against decency. If the negros and communist win this war in America, there will be no hope for mankind left on the face of the earth.

    America is the greatest nation on earth and the most civilized nation the world has ever known. We have the best and most plentiful supply of food, the best homes, the best doctors and drugs, the most productive factories, the best educated and cleanest people in the world. We have all this after keeping up over half the worlds white people and all the worlds black ones through foreign aid. Americans love America, Texans love Texas, Mississippians love Mississippi. AMERICA, AMERICA GOD HAS SHED HIS GRACE ON THEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    None of these people will like losing any of these places. If you are content to go bowling, go golfing, to a party, to a ball game, hunting or fishing or maybe just sit on your can watching TV then you deserve to lose and you will see who is right, but then it will be too late to win, for if living you will be a slave of the communist and negro.

    The KLU KLUX KLAN is made of men. Real tall American men who love America very much. They are not going to give up to the Kennedys, Johnsons, communist and negros. These men are bound together in a Holy and Fraternal order, depending upon God and each other, answering to God and each other. Tall strong men, men of great courage, coming out of fields, stores, factories, service stations, men that are doctors, builders, lawyers, writers, barbers, mechanics and laborers. These men are too tall to bow down. They are men who have had enough. Enough of the Kennedys, communist, negros, high taxes, foreign aid, cheap politicians, governmental crime and graft, the united nations, cash for bastard negro babies, cotton acreage, Walter Ruether, social security and half made this and that. They have had enough of ruin, and will now restore sensible rule in our land. They see all, hear all, know all. They live among you. These men are TENS OF THOUSANDS STRONG, TOO TALL TO BOW DOWN, AND THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

    IN reality they are very legal. They are very secret. They are just as legal as Earl Warrens communist loving court, the united nations, James Meredith, The Kennedys, and such trash as that. They are as legal as the signers of the Declaration of Independence, The Mayflower Pilgrims, Andrew Jacksons Army, or the GI Joes of two world wars this Great Nation Has won for the world. These men have had enough of this talk of is it legal. THE FIGHT FOR A FREE AMERICA IS VERY LEGAL.

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    These men will now look every hour of the day and night, and when they see the evil sores of the communist led negro, vice end crime erupting on the people of this nation, they will return, no man knowing at what hour, or from where, and by sinister means they will heal and bind the sore. These men do not know failure. Should one of them falter for any reason, ten walks forth and the task will be completed, these men silent in coming, silent in going, will return to an invisible empire. Let us remember that these men are American, and America reaches from Maine to California, from Mississippi to North Dakata. If you should want to join us in this fight, tell a half dozen of your friends, we will do the rest.

    Our future will not redeem our past. We will only drift from one terrible fiasco to another in complete legarthy unless we come to realize that there can be no compromise on the battlefield; no haIf way in the fight for preservation of our freedom and religion; it must be all or nothing. We now rest our case to the courage of patriots. Our accusers are persons, not America, our objective is freedom not peace.

    Major General Edwin A. Walker has stated in defense of this Nation, "Failure to know the enemy, Failure to understand him on all fronts, Failure to prepare completely to battle him to the ultimate end in defense of the United States Of America, will give him aid and comfort. The constitution of this Nation describes this as TREASON."

    We speak to Gentile Jew, Protestant And Catholic, the rich and poor just alike. We speak to the white, yellow and especially to the black just alike. We had better be heard by all the same way.


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