Document 1A: Dollie B. Gordon to Elayne DeLott, 20 September 1954, Elaine DeLott Baker Papers, Schlesinger Library, Harvard University. 3 pp.

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   Dollie Gordon was the family cook when my parents lived in Georgia before I was born. I grew up hearing stories of her kindness and her expertise in cooking. I don't know why I reached out and wrote to her, but clearly I felt a link to this woman who was spoken of so lovingly by my parents. Stories about her were my first real connection with black people, as there was only one black family in the working-class Boston suburb where I grew up.

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Hillsboro Ga
Sept 20 1954

Dear Sweet

   I rec[eived] your Sweet letter along time ago and how glad I was to here [sic] from you and no [sic] that you all is well. I was sorry that I was so long write you back I lost your letter and did not has address to write you But then another day I fin[d] your letter how glad I was to fin[d] it So I hope when this letter reach your love hand I do hope it will fine you injoy your happy life to hope that you love me as

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I do you all if I did not no you I love just like I do the other children please tell me about all the children I guess the old girl is marriage tell all to write me for I just want to see you all So bad if your all is white Child I am you all Black Ma. Write and tell me about how your grandma and all is get along is they still stay in Sparta Ga yet I think you is so sweet are you to write me and don't no me but I no you is sweet for all the Delott is so sweet so please don't

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farget [sic] the picture and if you can please send all you all pictures and write me a long letter and I no I enjoy read a letter from one I always love you all

A Cook Dallie B. Gordon

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