Document 48: Letter from Margaret Sanger to Kōsai Inoue, Governor of the Kanagawa Prefecture, 10 March 1922, Japanese Foreign Ministry Archival Documents (JFMAD), Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Tokyo. Translated by Kazuhiro Oharazeki.


   After being granted permission to land in Japan, Sanger was required to sign the following statement. The original version, written in English, was not found; this document is a translation of a Japanese translation of the letter. Sanger then reshaped her lectures to focus on topics such as "War and Overpopulation."

Margaret Sanger to Kōsai Inoue

[S. S. Taiyo Maru, in port, Yokohama, Japan]

March 10, 1922

Dear Sir:

   I hereby promise that during my visit to Japan I shall not give or deliver a public lecture treating with the subject of Birth Control without the consent or permission of the proper authorities.

   Margaret Sanger.

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