Document 47: Margaret Sanger to American Consul, George Hawthorne Scidmore, 10 March 1922, Japanese Foreign Ministry Archival Documents, Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Tokyo. Translated by Kazuhiro Oharazeki.


   The Taiyo Maru, arrived in Yokohama on March 10, and Sanger negotiated with Japanese officials to gain permission to come ashore. At one point the Japanese officials told Sanger to "apply to the American Consul [George Hawthorne Scidmore] to use his influence for me to land or enter Japan." Permission was finally granted, allowing her to land, but she was required to sign a statement promising not to discuss birth control publicly. The original letter, written in English, was not found; this document is a translation of a Japanese translation of the letter.

Margaret Sanger to George Hawthorne Scidmore

[S. S. Taiyo Maru, in port, Yokohama, Japan]

Mar. 10, 1922

To the American Consul General

Dear Sir:

   Will you kindly use your good office and influence for me to enter Japan.

   If there is any objection to my delivering lectures on the subject of Birth Control I am willing to promise not to deliver same without the consent of the proper authorities.

   Thanking you.


Margaret Sanger (signed)

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