What Factors Led to the Success of the Historic 1970 Sex Discrimination Complaint
Filed against the University of Michigan?

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Bernice Sandler's Website

   Bernice Sandler has created a website that includes many of her writings addressing issues of sex discrimination and harassment in academia. It includes information about her work for the Women's Equity Action League (WEAL) on behalf of women interested in pursuing sex discrimination complaints against their university employers.

Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame

   Several women have been inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame who were either involved with the sex discrimination complaint at the University of Michigan or impacted by it. They include Jean Ledwith King, the attorney who filed the original complaint, Jean W. Campbell, who was then head of the University's Center for the Continuing Education of Women, and U.S. Rep. Martha W. Griffiths, a supportive member of Congress. The ranks of the Hall of Fame also include Vicki Neiberg, who led efforts to pursue sex discrimination at Michigan State University in the same era; Virginia Nordby, an early director of affirmative action at U-M; Marcia Federbush, who pursued complaints aimed at discrimination in sports at U-M and in the Ann Arbor public schools; Marjorie Lansing, who earned her doctorate in political science at U-M during that time and went on to write a seminal work on women in politics; Sarah Goddard Power, who was elected to be a U-M regent in 1974; and Muriel Dorothy Ross, a professor of neural anatomy who co-chaired the Academic Women's Caucus, a spinoff from the University's Commission on Women. This website includes biographical and other information on the inductees.

University of Michigan Faculty History Project

   In anticipation of its bicentennial in 2017, the University of Michigan created this website of biographical information about faculty members and administrators who have served at the University, including many who were on campus during the early 1970s, when the sex discrimination complaint was filed. Among those who are included are Professors Elizabeth Douvan, Rosemary Sarri, Harriet Mills, Ann Larimore, Rose Vainstein, and Zelma Weisfeld, and administrators Robben W. Fleming, Allan Smith, William Cash and Fedele Fauri.

The University of Michigan: An Encyclopedic Survey

   This resource on the history of the University of Michigan was updated in 1981 to cover the years 1940-1975. It is helpful to understanding the administrative structure of the university and the officials who were involved during the time when the sex discrimination complaint was filed.

Veteran Feminists of America

   This website seeks to preserve information and memories about women who were part of the second wave of feminism in the 1960s and 1970s. Its board of directors has included Bernice Sandler and Jean L. King, key figures in pursuing the sex discrimination complaint against the University of Michigan.

American Association of University Professors

   This website of the professional organization serving university professors provides information about salaries earned by academic men and women over time.

Council of Graduate Schools

   This website provides information about the status of men and women earning graduate and doctoral degrees in the United States.

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