Document 35A: Jeanne Tashian for THE AHCCPFDMEW [sic] (Ad Hoc Committee Concerned that President Fleming Does Not Meet with Enough Women) to Sisters, 26 April 1972, Jeanne Tashian Papers, Box 1, AHCCTPFDNMWW Folder, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan


   As negotiations between University of Michigan administrators and HEW dragged on over the University's proposed affirmative action plan, the membership of PROBE, a women's group focused on campus sex discrimination, looked for new and creative ways to highlight the problems that University women faced.

   These documents describe the "Fleming Follow," conducted in spring of 1972 by a PROBE contingent that initially dubbed itself The Ad Hoc Committee Concerned that President Fleming Does Not Meet with Enough Women (AHCCPFMWEW).[123] The initiative was led by Jeanne Tashian, a PROBE leader who preserved many of the organization's papers.

   The group camped outside of University President Robben W. Fleming's office for a week, keeping careful note of the kinds of persons with whom the president interacted and the nature of his more limited contacts with women. In Document 35A, Tashian invited interested women to a meeting to discuss the project's findings. She observed that Jean L. King, who had filed the original complaint against the University but was not a member of PROBE, had said that the project "has the potential to be a national classic."

   PROBE's full report on its findings is provided in Document 35B, complete with a diagram of Fleming's office and charts and tables tracking the nature of his visitors. Document 35C is the press release the group issued on its findings and a subsequent meeting with Fleming. The president held several more meetings with PROBE in early summer. In a letter of appreciation to Fleming (Document 35D), Tashian described the meetings as "generally worthwhile, somewhat productive, basically non-adverserial [sic], in fact friendly."

April 26 1971 [1972]

Dear Sister:

    You have shown an interest in the issue of R. W. Fleming not meeting enough with women, either by participation in the Spring Fleming-Follow or by voicing support. We have reason to believe what we did has implications beyond the sheer joy of having pulled it off. Jean King (Ann Arbor feminist attorney) heard about it through the grapevine, and feels it has the potential to be a national classic.

    So far, we have a loose overall view of our data and ways to present it. We also have a meeting scheduled with Fleming on May 3 at 9:00 am to discuss our findings, demand that he spend more time with women and whatever else we might want to get across.

    You are most welcome to take part in the May 3 meeting, or the entire project, wherever it's going. We are holding a strategy meeting on Monday evening. May 1 at 7:30 p.m. in the Women's Movement Office, Room 1511 SAB.[A] At that time I will have copies of our preliminary findings and report, and hope to be getting your good criticisms on shaping it further. Please let me know either by phoning me, or coming to the strategy meeting on May 1, if you will be able to participate.


Jeanne Tashian
for THE AHCCPFDMEW (Ad Hoc Committee Concerned that President Fleming
Does Not Meet with Enough Women)

769-3945 (nights, weekends)

763-1204 (after 4pm, weekdays)


A. Student Activities Building. This particular office space was apparently used by several feminist organizations on campus.
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