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Sept. 8th.

The President took the Chair at nine o'clock, and called the Convention to order.

Prayer was offered by the Rev. JOHN KENNEDY, D.D., New York.

The minutes of September 7th, were read.

On motion of the Hon. SAMUEL HOAR, of Massachusetts:

Resolved, That the credentials of Wendell Phillips, and other delegates from the same association, be returned to the Committee on Credentials for their investigation.

The unfinished business was suspended, and the Hon. SAMUEL F. CARY, of Ohio, offered the following resolutions:

Resolved, That inasmuch as this Convention has been interrupted

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in its proceedings by a fraction of disorganizers, assembled in New York city for this purpose, and whose design is to involve the cause of Temperance, world-wide in its popularity, with their peculiar notions on topics not connected with the Temperance reform, it becomes a duty we owe to ourselves and the world, to avow distinctly, that our great and only purpose is to prohibit the manufacture and traffic of intoxicating liquors as a beverage; and we solemnly protest against, and will resist every effort from any quarter to involve this with any other question, moral, social, political, or religious.

Resolved, That the common usages of society have excluded woman from the public platform, and, whether right or wrong, it is not our province now to determine; but we will conform our action during the present Convention to public usage, and exclude females from participating in the public discussions of this Convention.

The resolutions were adopted.

On motion of Rev. T. P. HUNT, of Pennsylvania, Mr. BOOTH had leave to make a statement to the Convention.

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